A.S Roma vs Lazio Match Day 37 Preview

Roma is coming off a very disappointing but expected loss against the champions as they went down to Inter Milan in a 3–1 loss on Wednesday night. With very little rest whatsoever, Roma will prepare for perhaps the last game of the season that has any importance. The Derby of Rome is otherwise known as the Derby Della Capitale. One of the most critical matches in Italian culture and football, especially in the city of Rome. The match has become more about superiority and where each club is at the table rather than winning trophies. Roma and Lazio are both in a rather long title drought, with Roma’s last title being in 2001 and lazio’s being in 2000. The lack of trophies and the lack of titles in the city has made things even more hectic intense, and important things like finishing higher up in the table and win the Derby have a certain level of importance that is very difficult to explain or describe to someone not involved in the Derby itself. Roma has dominated this Derby even in the recent years that has seen Roma finish ahead of their Rivals on nine different occasions in the last 11 years, with Lazio finishing ahead of Roma only this season and last season. It was a 3–0 victory 4 Lazio, something Roma will try to get back on Saturday in the first meeting. The form of the teams and how the season has gone is around it; in the end, it will come down to a few different variables really; depending on which team wants this more, the match itself doesn’t have any impact on the season; it is all comes down to superiority. Although Lazio will be the favorite, well, Roma pull off the upset? Or will Lazio win the season series for the first time in a long time? We’ll find out all that and more when they kick off on Saturday.

A.S Roma

Roma is pampered by injuries, so we are likely to see something similar to what we saw on Wednesday. Roma should operate out of the 4–2–3–1 formation. In goal, we should see Daniel fuzato, who has only made minimal appearances for the club despite having been on the team for several years. The back four should look identical at left-back; we can expect to see David Santon beside him the center-back partnership of Gianluca Mancini and Max kumbulla, then at right-back should be Rick karsdorp. The defensive Midfield should be made up of Bryan cristante and Darboe. In the central Midfield should be Roma, Captain Lorenzo Pellegrini is henrikh Mkhitaryan, and Pedro Rodriguez on the side. But upfront as Romas Central Striker should be bojar mayoral, the team’s leading scorer in all competitions with 17 goals.

Manager: Paulo Fonseca

Roma Projected XI: 4–2–3–1 Fuzato; Kumbulla, Mancini, Ibanez; Karsdorp, Cristante, Pellegrini, Darboe; Pedro, Mkhitaryan; Mayoral

S.S Lazio

  • Dominate Midfield
  • Ciro Immobile
  • Be opportunistic

Lazio has had a very inconsistent season this campaign. It was a dreadful start to the year where they saw themselves near mid-table and ultimately climbed back into the European picture and on the front door of Champions League football. However, recent performances have seen them essentially drop out of the race for securing the Champions League this season. Lazio went out to Bayern Munich in the champions and has had a dry spell in regards to Ciro immobile, who at one point went without a goal in over 700 minutes. They just haven’t had that consistency, so they were unable to repeat the success they had last season. Simone Inzaghi typically operates his team out of the 3–5–2 formation, something that shouldn’t see any change this upcoming Saturday. They are the better team, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that Lazio wins this game like always, and any Derby it will take a memorable performance. When Lazio won the Derby during the first meeting of the season, a lot of it was taking advantage of specific opportunities. Including Roma mistakes. Lazio needs to take advantage of those types of possibilities once again. Lazio can be somewhat of an opportunistic team; allowing Roma to have the ball may go in their favor; another thing is Lazio needs to dominate the Midfield. Considering all the injuries that Roma has, they will not be able to deal with it in the same way milinkovic Savage and Luis Alberto need to have great games they cannot afford, especially in a game like this, to be complacent. Then finally, Ciro immobile has to have one of his games where he dominates. They have struggled in games in which he is not coming up and perform to his standard; it has not been a great season for him; despite the amount of gold that is scored, he needs to make a brass statement with an unbelievable performance in the Derby against Roma a game but this team certainly is capable of winning and probably should win despite the circumstances of this.

  • Mentality
  • Boja Mayoral
  • Bombs Rick Karsdorp forward

Roma has the opportunity to do something very unique in the Derby. They’re not making European football this season; it’s just not happening, so Roma has to use that motivation elsewhere. Lazio still has an opportunity to make the Champions League, even though it’s unlikely they are hanging on by a thread. Since they will not finish ahead of them, Roma’s motivation will be to be the team that kicks them out of the Champions League Chase. Roma cannot allow Lazio to beat them twice in the season; despite how difficult it is in the Italian Capital right now, Roma can’t let them get them twice. Even getting a point, although disappointing, would do enough losing to the little neighbors twice would be embarrassing. Another thing that is using Rick karsdorp a to bomb forward with the right-back as an attacking option. He can be highly explosive and is the League’s best at that position this season, at least in an attacking sense. Then finally, at the usual feed, a bojar mayoral allows him to get into attacking positions, break them down, and avoid any defensive mistakes grow more injured from back to front and cannot afford to let Lazio be given easy opportunities.

Prediction: 1–1 Draw

It’s never an easy situation to predict when you’re talking about a derby. Lazio is the better team this season, but I just don’t think this Roma team, despite performance in recent weeks, will allow Lazio to beat them twice equally. I don’t think they’ll win; they’ll do enough to score but not enough to win as I see this as a 1–1 draw that will kick Lazio out of the Champions League rice only a point is necessary to do that, and I think Roma can dig deep and find a way to beat a team that denies them of Champions League football.

Rick Karsdorp

Ciro Immobile

Match Details

Date: Sunday, May 15th 2021
Venue: Stadio Olimpico
Kickoff: 1:45PM (USA) 7:450PM (ENG), 8:45PM (ITA)
TV Broadcast: Sky Italia, ESPN+



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