Bochum makes historic comes to win on Pens to Retain Bundesliga Status #2160

Eliot Ben-Ner
8 min readMay 29, 2024

Bochum 3 Fortuna Düsseldorf 0 (6–5 Bochum wins On Pens)

Last week in the relegation playoff Fortuna Düsseldorf came away with a massive 3-0 victory away at Bochum. They take a three goal advantage into the second leg. Mutually putting themselves in the driver seat for possible promotion staying the course is all that would be required to withstand Bochum. Germany hasn't had three teams promoted in 5 years. Fortuna Düsseldorf with a massive opportunity to make their long-awaited return to the Bundesliga. It has been 5 years since they have played in the Bundesliga. Now with the huge advantage all the cards are in the middle of the table. the momentum and leverage are on their side. Bochum would need to overturn the biggest deficit ever in the relegation playoff to maintain their status. Historically, they have been a crucial piece to the Bundesliga puzzle. They have the nickname Die Unabsteigbaren In German which translates to the Undescendables More known as the non-relegated. They spent a large period of their history without relegation and kept in the league and extraordinary long time before they ultimately went down. They have been back for about four seasons each season having been threatened by relegation all but one. They got the knife on their throat right now but given the quality of their team they still have the resources to turn this around. however, if would require A historic performance to keep them afloat. On Monday evening we would see a sea of red surrounding the stadium. As Fortuna Düsseldorf causing ruckus from the very beginning showing their passion and chaos. We would be at the Merkur Spiel-Arena otherwise referred to at the Dusseldorf Arena 51,000 in attendance in Dusseldorf as they hope this occasion will get them back to the Bundesliga as they hold a three goal advantage anything but a collapse would ensure promotion while Bochum will be looking to crush their dreams and make history. As kicked off approached.

Fortuna Düsseldorf got after it early on. In the First minute Ao Tanaka takes a look from distance that is deflected out for a corner. In the 2nd minute Christos Tzolis delivers a ball into the box for Vincent Vermeij He drags his head on the end of it but is denied as Luthe grabs it. Fortuna Düsseldorf would progress forward lurking early on for a goal that would kill it off. In the 9th minute Felix Klaus misfires on a free kick. only for them to put pressure on Bochum minutes later. In the 11th minute Vincent Vermeij Is played in but Is there to stop him again. At the beginning of the match everything was kind of going Fortuna Düsseldorf . However Bochum objective to give themselves a A Fighting Chance is to get an early goal to dent the momentum of the hosts. In the 18th minute Bochum wins a free kick. Kevin Stoger drops the ball in the box from a deep free kick Philip Hoffman gets it on the end of it sending it into the back of the net to take a 1-0 lead. Bochum gets their fast start they wanted. This goal now gives them a chance to come back but two goals still would be necessary to settle it. This woke them up. In the 24th minute Lukas Dascher goes for audacious strike from over 35 yd out the goalkeeper makes the save. Bochum certainly taking their aggression to heart. Fortuna Düsseldorf looked to turn the tables again in the 25th minute Christos Tzolis strikes from the left side of the box Luthe extends to make the save once again. The number two goalkeeper that has been thrown into the fire has come up big this evening with a numerous of good saves inside a half hour. Bochum growing in confidence with each opportunity to minimize the deficit further. In the 32nd minute Max Wittek strikes from distance but is denied by the keeper. In the 34th minute they got themselves another free kick. Kevin Stoger hits it well but put too much on it as it glides over. on another free kick in the 41st minute Kevin Stoger sends it in the box Keven Schlotterbeck his header drags over the corner but comes close to being the vital goal to invigorate the side even further. This would end the first half with Bochum currently holding a 1-0 lead, however still work to be done two more needed to force extra time as over the two legs Fortuna Düsseldorf Still lead 3-1 on aggregate.

Bochum more or less has done what they've needed to do to give themselves a bunch of chance. away from home against a site that has not been back in the Bundesliga in 5 years is a difficult equation to deal with. However, they've gotten the first goal which is incredibly important. They only have 45 minutes to score to like the objective and still be attained. They start strong as the second half begins Bochum contenduce to push for another. In the 50th minute Anthony Losilla Is blocked from his effort from outside the box. Matus Bero repossesses delivering a headed pass Lukas Dascher then follows through but is deflected off again. They really seem to be knocking on the door. In a 56th minute they were at it again. Felix Passlack strikes from deep as he misses the mark putting to much on it. In the 61st minute they kick it into gear even further. Asano strike on the side of the box But runs into some red shirts they then repossess it than Max Wittek tries to find space on the right side of the box coming very close but not there yet. In the 66th minute, things got a whole lot more interesting a corner was taken quickly for Kevin Stoger. He sends a cross towards the left post Philip Hoffman nearly unmarked comes across getting his head on the end of it sending it into the back of the net to give Bochum a 2-0 lead. Fortuna Düsseldorf on the verge of a historic choke job! Bochum Just need one more to force it into extra time. A little more than 20 minutes to do it more than enough time based on the way they're playing. We can suspect the energy will be even higher now seeing as they're only one goal away. In the 70th minute Fortuna Düsseldorf is called for a handball in the box. a penalty immediately given with the opportunity for Bochum to level it. Kevin Stoger steps up sending it into the bottom right corner Bochum takes a 3-0 lead! The relegation playoff is now tied on aggregate despite a three goal lead by Fortuna Düsseldorf It has been officially wiped off. In the 72nd minute Asano got his head on the end of a cross that was ultimately saved. there's space and time here for a winner! They battle cut and fight for a winning goal but it never arrives. In the 93rd minute Fortuna Düsseldorf had a chance but the header from Jordy DeWijs Misses the mark. This would end the 90 minutes as extra time would be required to settle this another 30 minutes if a winner is not crowned it will go to penalties.

In the first half of extra time there wasn't much in it. In the 99th minute Goncalo Paciencia gets his head on the end of a cross put into the box by Kevin Stoeger unfortunately his header gets blocked and in the 104th minute Patrick Osterhage strike from close range gets blocked. This would end the first half of extra time. Just 15 minutes away from a penalty shootout. Fortuna Düsseldorf In the second half of extra time really turned on the gas. In the 109th minute Christopher Daferner off a corner gets his head on the end of it as it drags wide. In the 114th minute Christos Tzolis send a ball into the box For Andre Hoffman however Luthe comes up with a massive save. then in the 118th minute the home side nearly win it coming off a corner Jona Niemiec takes a strike from close range that is blocked by the opposing defense He repossesses it as the goalkeepers on the ground he sees an open space on the right side. He sends it towards the post in what would be a would-be winner however, defensive superlative unleashes as Noah Loosli makes a sliding tackle forcing another corner. It really should have been a winner. That would put an end to extra time as it would take penalties.

Stepping up for Bochum was Goncalo Paciencia He drills it in the bottom corner 1-0 Bochum. Andre Hoffman is denied as Luthe Make the save to the right. Mathus Bero drills it in the bottom right corner 2-0 Bochum. Isak Johansson puts it in the bottom right corner giving Fortuna Düsseldorf some life. 2-1 Bochum. Erhan Masovic takes it down the middle but the goalkeeper makes a terrific save. Fortuna Düsseldorf Can now tie it. Yannick Engelhardt bottom left corner 2-2. Asno drills it in the bottom left corner Bochum lead 3-2. Tom Oberdorf drills it in the top left corner 3-3. Kevin Stoeger bottom right corner 4-3 Christos Tzolis takes it into the left corner 4-4. Keven Schlotterbeck converts it in the top left corner Bochum 5-4. Jona Niemiec strikes down the middle for Fortuna Düsseldorf 5-5. Max Wittek into the bottom right corner 6-5. Uchino steps up and sends it over! He drops to the ground in tears as Bochum wins 6-5 on penalty to retain their Bundesliga status. The biggest comeback in the history of the relegation playoff as Fortuna Düsseldorf have completely bottled their opportunity. the penalty mess is not the one to blame. they're overall performance allowing Bochum back in it in apprehensible manner. A free kick that was poorly marked, a corner that was totally marked and a penalty. they had all the leverage yet blew it! It was one of the most thrilling relegation playoffs that we have seen in recent years with the Bundesliga twos losing streak continues Bouhum celebrate in Dusseldorf as they are brought to tears for a very different reason.

This will officially wrap up the Bundesliga season. thank you for reading or listening this season Signing out -Eliot Ben-Ner.