Captain Pellegrini leads the Pack as Roma draw blood in Salerno #1248

A.S Roma 4 Salernitana 0FT

Following victories in the conference league and The Opening match of the new season, Jose Mourinho has Roma ready for another challenge to keep the momentum driving. He has won all three he has coached for this team. This weekend they went on the road on Sunday night to play a newly-promoted Salernitana team that has not been in the league in 22 years. Regardless of who the coaches historically speaking, Roma is dominant against newly-promoted teams. They are unbeaten in their last 28 games against teams coming into the league. Roma had complete possession and dominated the first half as far as having the ball; however, they could not capitalize on their opportunities as Salernitana defended exceptionally well. Even though Roma had opportunities to take the lead, it was a first half at frustration for Roma. It was goalless after 45 minutes despite the sizable advantage in possession and chances. In the second half, the game completely opened up, and Roma went for the jugular. Lorenzo Pellegrini kick things off with a strike from the side of the box to give Roma a 1–0 lead. That followed a very team-oriented goal the Jordan ended up veretout giving Roma a second. Tammy Abraham later added a third for Roma as he scored his first goal in his new colors. Then Lorenzo Pellegrini struck again for the kiss of death as Roma scored four goals in the second half, a wholly dominated performance. Roma looks like a team to watch for this season with an emphatic victory. A big second-half performance ended up being very influential with the victory; this wasn’t the most challenging opponent, but Roma looks Relentless nonetheless as they can leave town with smiles on their face as I head back to the Capitol as we head into the international break with a big Roma of victory.

Roma operates out of their usual 4–2–3–1 formation as Jose Mourinho only makes one change from the win against Fiorentina. In goal as always new goalkeeper Rui Patricio. The back four will consist of left-back Matias Vina on the opposite side at right-back would be Rick karsdorp. The center-back partnership would be Gianluca Mancini alongside Rodger Ibanez. The defensive Midfield partnership would consist of Jordan veretout and Bryan cristante. In central Midfield would be Roma Captain Lorenzo Pellegrini. To his left would be the Armenian Henrik Mkhitaryan opposite side to his right would be Carles Perez coming in for the suspended Nicolo zaniolo. Then upfront as Roma as a central Striker would be Tammy Abraham.

Following preparations and predictions, the match got underway on a Sunday night. Romo had a very aggressive nature early as they just sat back and dictated. They had a lot of the ball, and they try to take advantage of that early Mattias Vina came close on a really well-hit strike in the opening minutes. He didn’t quite have the inches on it, but it very nearly could have found the back of the net. A very ambitious start to say the least. There was a lot of possession for real, but there weren’t that many moments of action from them despite how much of the ball that they had. Roma had that early chance and didn’t see another shot on target for the next 12 minutes. Tammy Abraham came dangerously close when a ball was chipped into the box as the Englishman trying to get his foot on the end of it in what would have been a ridiculous goal, but too much power saw the ball Coast over. Salernitana, a few minutes later, tried to test Rui Patricio, but it was a constant struggle all game long. Romo saw a Gianluca Mancini header from the side of the box denied by The Keeper. It’s not like Roma didn’t have their chances; it was just a little difficult finding that space to really be effective. There was a point in the game where are the hosts had only 17 completed passes. Midway through the first half, Roma just for dominating and all of that it was always on the opposition half; the issue was trying to break that down and looking for an opportunity. Late in the first half, things started to open up with a pair of Tammy Abraham chances with a header from inside the box that was very close but just messed. Then Miki set him up for another chance, a powerful shot as he was looking for that top corner, but the goalkeeper could make a fantastic save. That would signify the end of the first half. The truth is there was just not a lot there to take away from Roma had a lot of the ball but didn’t have nearly as many chances as you would think that level of possession would have produced. Late in the first half, Roma and looked kind of open up the game a little bit more, but it just wasn’t there quite yet as the defensive strategy of the hosts in the way they park the bus was frustrating Roma to a certain extent they couldn’t get into those dangerous areas yet after 45 minutes it was a goalless draw.

Miki tries to get something going in a goalless first half

It wasn’t the most positive first half for Roma; even though they have the game under total control, they needed to find those spaces and break them down; you’re talking about a newly-promoted side that had not been in the league for 22 years and a Roma team that has so much talent inside of it with capabilities of doing much more. The strategy worked for the time being as Roma were held outside the box, and when they were in the box, they were not in a good position to do anything. Jose Mourinho had a trick up his sleeve as they attempted to make those adjustments to open the game up to allow Roma to come forward and potentially break it down a very young team that doesn’t quite match up to a team as talented as Roma. Just like that, just minutes into the second half, in the 48th minute, the captain Lorenzo Pellegrini opened up the game. A really well-hit cross by Mathias Vina set up the Roma captain Inside the Box; he rushed forward while striking the ball at a difficult angle; the power of his shot squeezed through into the bottom corner as Roma took a 1–0 lead.

The Captain starts the goal scorer early in the second half

It would be the second goal for Pellegrini and his first goal in the league. Why they embraced him after scoring the goal shows the connectivity of its team. Furthermore, the exchange between Lorenzo Pellegrini and Tammy Abraham stuck out; it looked like they already had a signature handshake when they embraced each other it wasn’t a different way than the rest of the team. Remember, they don’t speak the same language, but they’re on the same page on the pitch with body language mostly and already have a secret handshake. I like the relationship is already developing between those two. 4 minutes later, Roma hit them again an excellent team goal, displaying beautiful football in the 52nd minute Mkhitaryan retrieved the ball from Pellegrino before supplying a perfect pass into the box for Jordan veretout one on one just slide it into the bottom corner as Roma took a 2–0 lead through two games this is already his third goal of the season building on his performance he had last weekend.

Jordan Veretout brought his goal scoring boots again with another strike

Following the second goal, both teams exchanged chances, but either did not test the goalkeepers. Roma was looking much more dangerous and distressing in the second half; the defensive shape that the host tried to put up in the first half just wasn’t working in the second half, and along with how well Rome was playing and attacking, they still had the majority of the ball which prevented the opposition to do anything special with it. They had to be very particular when they had the ball, and they just didn’t have the players or personnel to make a difference in this game. Unfortunately, for the Salernitana, it would get worse before it got better because Roma was really testing and pushing them. Tammy Abraham came close, following through on a rick karsdorp cross; Bryan cristante and Jordan veretout both had chances at the opposition net, and so forth. Roma was not done in the 69th minute Lorenzo Pellegrini had a loose ball near the side the Roma Captain hit the ball into Carles Perez who then supplied a pass to Tammy Abraham the English forward follow through on the strike as he picked out the top corner scoring his first goal in Italian football after a dazzling debut Tammy Abraham finds the back of the net as Roma open a 3–0 lead.

Tammy scores his first Serie A goal as Roma continue to run wild

Following the goal, Stephan El Shaarawy was brought in. A couple of minutes later, Lorenzo Pellegrini was denied from outside the box despite nearly being another goal. Roma would then make another change with Eldor coming in with about 10 minutes to go. Tammy Abraham tried to increase the lead, but he missed the target following a strike from the center of the box. However, less than a minute later, in the 79th minute, Roma would make it 4–0; it would be a captain’s performance from Lorenzo Pellegrini as he found his footing from the side of the box to score another, completing his brace scoring his third goal of the season. Roma made it seem more like bojar mayoral, and Ricardo calafiori get a runout late; there were a few changes from the opposition late in the game, but it was done and dusted dead and buried as the final whistle blew. Roma absolutely put the hammer down in the second half with a 4–0 victory and a clean sheet; they handle the business away from home as they head into the international break with Supreme confidence Jose Mourinho as Roma it’s something else.

It was a very slow start for Roma, but it turned out to be a really fantastic performance. The hosts had an ultra-defensive approach, not allow Roma to get into their dangerous area so they could really affect the game. Roma had the ball all game long;, by the game’s end, they had 78% possession; they dictated the game from the very beginning it just took them a while to start clicking. In the second half, they exploded with four goals, and it looks like they could add many more the way they were playing. There were two quick goals to start the second half, and then it was all but over as Roma put them to the sword and induced punishment to another newly-promoted side. That is now 29 games against a newly-promoted team without a loss of 28 victories and one draw. Roma got a clean sheet and did well defensively when they were called into it. Much improvement from the left and right back in this game contributing without exposing themselves defensively. Lorenzo Pellegrini put in a captain performance and was mad a match with two goals, showing his impact on the game. He’s only going to get better under this New Look Roma LG Jose Mourinho return to Italian football has gotten off to a flying start, not to mention Tammy Abraham scored his first goal for the club, and Jordan scored yet again a really encouraging performance from Roma they have the potential to do so much this season. This was not the most difficult challenge, but still, you can see a lot of positivity about the performance that will take them forward. Roma has won three games in all competitions in a row; they have only conceded two goals in those games, and it seems as if Romo has all that it takes to continue to push and potentially get themselves in a title race. We’re not even going to address that conversation yet remotely, but if Roma keeps this up, you just don’t know what these guys are capable of with the talent around them with the right mentality; this is a scary team, and it showed through 90 minutes the absolutely killed in a second half which was a big difference in the ultimate results.

MAN OF THE MATCH: Lorenzo Pellegrini




Serie A and Bundesliga Writer A.S Roma/Wolfsburg Blog:

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Eliot Ben-Ner

Eliot Ben-Ner

Serie A and Bundesliga Writer A.S Roma/Wolfsburg Blog:

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