European Performers of the Week

Paulo Dybala vs Udinese

Paulo Dybala was one of the best players in the world two seasons ago under Maurizio sarri; before covid, he was an absolute monster for Juventus and the driving force behind the last title that they won before they were just thrown this last season. He was the best player in Italian football but had the Ballon D’or been awarded that year; he would have been in the top five nominees. He was just on a different type of level during that season. However, health issues really affected Paulo Dybala The Following season, so he did not make my Player of the week list one time during the last campaign. Paulo Dybala contracted covid and had four positive tests in a row before he was ultimately recovered from it. Paulo Dybala certainly had moments during last season, but his health was such a problem last season that he could not regain to his former self. Not to mention behind the scenes, Paulo Dybala and his agents were trying to negotiate a new contract for the Argentine at the same time when he was struggling. I don’t even put his lack of inspiration on the manager; I think it mostly had to do with his health issues after a very difficult season and the return of Max Allegri, which I think has very little to do with his incredible performance against udinese. In fact, I would say Max Allegri has had as much to do with his performance as I did; the reason he was able to explode is that he was dealing with so many difficult situations from last season. Paulo Dybala was given the armband for this upcoming season as his contract is almost ready to be signed again. When Paulo Dybala was at his best, he influenced the game without scoring, which made that season special. In The Opening match of the season, he was fantastic. He looked like the Paulo Dybala from two seasons prior, where he lit the League on fire. When Paulo Dybala was named the best player in Italian football, there were many arguments for others, but it wasn’t even close during that season. He single-handedly led Juventus to the Serie A title without Dybala, Juventus would have been nowhere near it. Against udinese, he was fantastic from the very beginning. Wearing that armband for the first time, he looks like a superstar from the very start of the game. Just two minutes into the game, he made a beautiful run into the box while the udinese defense fell asleep, striking home the game’s opening goal. He continued to show that Mastero made many significant touches as Juventus looked like they were in control for almost the entire first half. Proving that the team was thriving with Cristiano Ronaldo on the bench. Paulo Dybala set up the first goal, but he connected with Juan Cuadrado on the second goal. Before the play of the game from Paulo Dybala, he showed some incredible displays of passing to set up teammates while setting himself up. Paulo Dybala may not have the most statistical season, but I think we could see Paulo Dybala as one of the best players in the league regardless of his statistical output. In Midfield, Paulo Dybala used it as his launching pad, sending a deep ball from Midfield into the box where he found Juan Cuadrado, who could dribble through the udinese defense score Juventus a second goal. He was truly fantastic throughout the game and had a captain contribution being involved in both goals. Unfortunately, Juventus threw the game away and ended in a 2–2 draw; however, that doesn’t make us forget Paulo Dybala’s Brilliance throughout the game. The team’s performance was better with Paulo Dybala running the show than Cristiano Ronaldo; hopefully, we’ll be seeing much more of that, and this won’t be the only time we see him appear on this list.

Dominik Szoboszlai vs Stuttgart

Dominik Szoboszlai has been most notably known as the first Hungarian superstar that the country has had since Puskas. He was very influential and helping Hungary make the European Championships this summer, even though injuries prevented him from making the squad. He is a real talent; then, he will only become a much better player in the years to come. Hungary has been waiting for a game-changer-type player to give the once great footballing nation some confidence or belief that they can go out and deliver and give Hungarian football something to be excited about. He’s still a very young player that continues to fly under the radar. He was an absolute Beast for RB Salzburg, so influential in so many ways 4 Jesse Marsch’s side was a treble winner in Australian football. Last January, he made the expected move to RB Leipzig. The Young Hungarian wasn’t able to make a difference when Julian nagelsmann was in charge. There’s a lot to be said for the fact that he came midseason into an RB Leipzig team that was going for the title. It was going to be slightly difficult for him to get regular game time. RB Leipzig values him as a player, though, as his contract was extended at the beginning of the summer. His former coach is not his new coach at Harvey likes it as Jesse Marsh was given the RB Leipzig job. The club added Andre Silva as the guy to be the main goal scorer this season; it looked like it was an opportunity for the Hungarian to get somewhat regular game time. RB Leipzig is an intense team, but the young Hungarian will have the opportunity to shine in this team that looks to challenge Bayern Munich for the Bundesliga title. They suffered defeats in their season’s opening match, but they rebounded largely because of the Hungarian influence. Stuttgart how to come off an incredible opening game in which they scored four goals and kept a clean sheet. However, the young Hungarian gave them anxiety. RB Leipzig ended up winning 3–1, with the young Hungarian scoring twice. These weren’t just typical goals; these were goals that you would have a difficult time trying to explain. He hit an absolute bomb from just outside the box during an RB Leipzig attack as he sent a missile into the top corner on his first strike. He showed he’s at lucidness, athleticism, and range on the goal and being very important in the attack with a lot of short passing efficiency throughout. He ended up getting his second on another bomb from outside the box. This one was coming off a free kick from a very tight angle from long range. This was a magical free-kick as it Glides through the air into the box and into the top corner despite multiple players trying to get their head on the end of it. A two-goal performance is a brilliant start to the new campaign for the youngster; he only 20 and will get better; it will be interesting to see how important of a role that he will fly into this very loaded team; this isn’t the last time we will be discussing the Brilliance of the young Hungarian.

Tammy Abraham vs Fiorentina

Just a week ago, Tammy Abraham was brought in for the departing edin Dzeko. The new Englishmen takes the number 9 after completing a 40 million transfer to Roma, the second most expensive player in club history. There were many expectations on him to deliver Tammy Abraham, and New Roma boss Jose Mourinho was together at Chelsea before Tammy made the Breakthrough into the first team. We have seen many English Premier League players come to Italy and dominate, most recently romelu Lukaku, who tore the league apart in the two seasons he spent at Inter Milan. Romelu Lukaku is one of the best strikers in the world, but it’s not unreasonable to say Tammy Abraham could make a similar impact at Roma. Despite having not been at the club for very long, having just arrived a week ago, Tammy Abraham was cleared to play as Jose Mourinho wasted no time inserting him into the starting lineup. He did not play in the conference League playoff on Thursday, but he was in the squad and the starting lineup for a big match against Fiorentina to start the new season. Tammy Abraham endeared himself to the Stadio Olimpico with a debut to remember. It was honestly one of the best first impressions, but I’ve seen it over the last couple of years. I could not have imagined a better performance than Tammy Abraham put together in the win against Fiorentina. You can even take it a step further. Tammy Abraham’s 70-minute play what the best performance in European football this weekend. It was a world-class performance from the Englishmen that could become something extraordinary in Italian football; he very quickly became a fan favorite, and he’s only played one game, but it did not take very long to show the qualities he possesses and what he can bring to a Roma team that vows to get back into the Champions League. It was kind of a slow start to the game, and Tammy Abraham issued the first drama of the evening. Making a beautiful run just outside the box, causing the goalkeeper to come out and deal with him before ultimately taking him out of the box and sending him off with a red card. Tammy Abraham’s run what’s the reason you and Tina ended up being a man down. A few minutes later, Tammy Abraham showed excellent displays of dribbling vision and intelligence. A cross was coming from the wing near the box where Tammy Abraham and Lorenzo Pellegrini both stood. The Englishmen got out of the way allowing the ball to come through to the Roma captain as he took a strike on goal; even though he didn’t score, he was in a much better position to hit the target Tammy Abraham realize this and let the ball go through. Great displays of communication very early. Lorenzo Pellegrini and Tammy Abraham are the two of them looking for this campaign; they’re going to hook up and connect regularly. Roma’s attack could be lethal if Lorenzo Pellegrini and Tammy Abraham can get on the same page and get firing on all cylinders. However, Tammy Abraham did connect with henrikh Mkhitaryan a beautiful display of dribbling outside the box be cut inside before supplying a pass for The Armenian to give Roma the lead in the first half. His performance only increased throughout the game; he continuously put these Fiorentina defenses under immense duress with his movement and athleticism. On a counterattack in the second half, Tammy Abraham supplied another goal for Roma. Lorenzo Pellegrini feeding the ball to Tammy Abraham as the to connect before the Englishmen had a cross from inside the box into a Jordan veretout I found the back of the net. Even prior to that, he even almost scored himself with his header Hitting off the crossbar. It was a masterful display, especially from a player making his debut in a new country in a new team. While Tammy Abraham can communicate with Chris Smalling Bryan Reynolds, most of the Roma team does not speak English. There are ones that can speak it pretty well with Rick karsdorp, Bryan cristante Mathias Vina, and obviously, the new goalkeeper Rui Patricio; however, if you’re looking at the players that Tammy Abraham has to directly and be involved with regularly, they don’t speak English Nicolo zaniolo Lorenzo Pellegrini mostly is who I am referring. It was one of the most impressive performances, and all the year this week on his debut, he supplies to assist near the scores, causes a red card constantly a threat going forward, and did some nice things with his feet that left the defense disorganized and out of shape. Tammy Abraham had to come out after a cramp at the end of his shift, but the sands were mesmerized by the performance from Roma’s new Striker. He received a standing ovation from the crowd at the Stadio Olimpico as he had it off. Tammy Abraham has the potential to be one of the top scorers in the league this season. I don’t expect him to win the Golden Boot, but he could very well be among the top scorers. He had to assist on his debut and deferred a lot showed intelligence, professionalism, and maturity. The communication between himself and Lorenzo Pellegrini has already looked on par despite the language barrier. The Stadio Olimpico will never forget edin Dzeko. Still, Roma’s new number 9 has everything required to make a dent on Italian football; the way who conquered it, he’s not as good as a player. Still, we talked into coming to a new country and dominating Tammy Abraham certainly can show that he started this game having only been in the country for a minimal amount of time and endeared himself for the home fans. Tammy Abraham is already a fan favorite at the studio Olimpico; once he’s been in Italy for a few more weeks, he’s only going to get that much better; it’s hard to remember a more impressive debut than what we saw from Tammy Abraham, in there win against Fiorentina.



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