Greggi starts it Glionna finishes it as Roma stays perfect dropping Fiorentina #1931

A.S Roma 2 Fiorentina 1FT

Eliot Ben-Ner
9 min readNov 29, 2023

The Roma ladies continue to be one of the most indestructible sides in Europe. Another win last weekend against Sassuolo also, did the business in the Champions League against Ajax as they go top of their group. As Roma continue to stay hot as they currently hold a 13 game unbeaten run to start the season. However, Sunday afternoon a challenge would sit in front of them. They would be at home in Rome against Fiorentina. The viola have had a very promising start to the new campaign. As they currently find themselves in the top three five Points off of second place Juventus. They have been a very impressive side thus far. However, has had their difficulties against Roma last season. They lost to Roma four times in the last term. One of those times Roma scored seven, however, they also play them relatively close in some of those matches. Even though Fiorentina would be up against it They certainly possess the qualities to make things a little difficult on Roma. As this would be certainly considered a bit of a challenge for Roma, at least the possibility of it. Roma have been running through everyone this season. Fiorentina will try to make it as difficult as possible. However, Roma seem to be a tough team to break down. Roma and Fiorentina would collide on a Sunday afternoon as first and third battle it out.

Roma would operate out of their typical 433 formation. In goal would be Romanian goalkeeper Camellia Caesar. At left back would be Aigbogun beside her would be the center back partnership of Elena Linari and Minami then at right back would be Elizabetha Bartoli. In central midfield would be the decorated Japanese international Saki Kumagai then beside her on the left would be Manuela Giuliano then on the right side would be Roma rising star Giada Greggi. There would be a slight change to the attack. On the right wing would be the Norwegian international Emile Haavi on the opposite side would be Bernadetta Glionna then up front would be the Italian goal poacher Valentina Giacinti.

Against a tough side like Fiorentina Roma wanted to make their intention early on. While Roma have the much more talented team, Fiorentina has special individuals them jumping up to third in the league. This season wasn’t some coincidence. Even though Roma comes into the game, eight points clear that was critical that they show their best against a worthy opposition. In the 9th minute Manuela Giuliano delivers in a cross coming from a corner. However, the Fiorentina defense gets to it before anyone else can. The ball flies out of the box back to Manuela Giuliano. She takes a one-touch cross and she whips it across Elena Linari attempts to get her head on the end of it but can’t do it It falls to Valentina Giacinti at the near post The Italian strikes looking for the top corner but the Fiorentina defense is there again to come to the aid of their goalkeeper. Roma had much more of the ball and was looking to take advantage of their possession. Roma won themselves another set piece. Not long after this time. A free kick being awarded just outside the box in a dangerous area right in the range of Manuela Giuliano in the 18th minute she follows through on the free kick lifting it over the wall only to hear it clash against the right post. It was very nearly an opener for Roma. However, Roma would not have to wait that much longer to get an opportunity to break through. In the 23th minute Glionna takes the ball forward as she approaches the box she supplies a pass to Greggi the 23-year-olds then hit a strike of the gods! She collects the ball before hitting her for over the ball with power, she hits it incredibly high as it travels through the air into the top corner. The goalkeeper extended her entire body and extended her hands trying to get a touch to it however it was hit too perfectly and she falls into the net as Roma take the lead with arguably the goal of the season.

Roma found themselves in front and deservingly so. However, soon after Fiorentina decided to make it a little bit interesting. As a display of individual brilliance comes through. In the 27th minute Michela Catena takes the ball forward as Fiorentina approaches the attacking area. She supplies a brilliant ball into Miriam Chiara Longo as she finds herself in the box, dribbling through the defense and finding just enough space to squeeze it past Camellia Caesar as Fiorentina just like that, find the equalizer. Roma this season has only been level with the opposition one other time this season on match day one. That moment of brilliance for Fiorentina has put Roma in a somewhat uncomfortable position. The question was going to be how they’re going to handle it. Thankfully for Roma, they were still dominating the game in so many areas that they were going to continue to pressurize Fiorentina. Roma came close twice in the closing moments of the first half. In the 42nd minute a throw-in to Haavi was sent into the box Valentina Giacinti does a back heel pass towards Manuela Giuliano she takes an attempted strike on goal but sees her chance to deflected. A minute later in the 43rd minute Bernadetta Glionna Hits a deep strike only to see her effort pushed over by the goalkeeper. At the end of the first half, nothing would separate the sides. As Roma go into the second half even for the first time this season in the league.

Roma have found themselves with a little bit of adversity. Not necessarily an unexpected one, but Roma would have to deal with a different type of situation. Roma has been in front of every match. They have played in the league this season going into the second half. This would be the first time there’s nothing to split between the teams at this point. However, Roma has dealt with adversity before this season. Against Bayern Munich and against AC Milan at the beginning of the campaign. With more of the ball and opportunities in the first half, Roma still would be positioned well to find the goal they need before the final whistle goes. Fiorentina’s goal was their only shot on target in the first half. In the 57th minute, Roma had the momentum as they took a push forward Haavi wanders into the box with the ball at her feet She is immediately surrounded by purple shirts. She tries to go one way and then the other. However, she couldn’t get out of the jam. She then picks out a pass for Saki Kumagai from distance. The Japanese international strikes from deep only to hit off the right post as for the second time, they have been denied by the crossbar. Fiorentina under total duress and nearly saw the Romans break them down. Being saved by a matter of inches. The winner was coming was being felt throughout. Although Fiorentina had done well, the level of pressure Roma was putting on them was eventually going to crack. In the 60th minute Bernadetta Glionna has the ball at her feet as she charges towards the box. She gets through a few purple shirts before unloading a clip from distance She hits a low pile driver into the bottom corner. It happened so quickly that the goalkeeper could barely react as Roma take a 2–1 lead. As they are in front once again. Defensively and through the midfield Roma did a terrific job of slowing down Fiorentina when they had the ball. They became frustrating as it seemed that Roma was going to continue to push them into uncomfortable situations. In the 80th minute, Manuela Giuliano went for the spectacular. Haavi swoops down the right wing before sending a delivery into the box. Manuela Giuliano, despite being one of the smallest women in Italian football had space around her mutually unguarded she catches the ball through the air as she hits a bicycle kick that could not have been hit more perfectly. However, the goalkeeper managed to make the save ruining what would have been an outrageous goal. 4 minutes later in the 84th minute, Roma attempted to kill it off for good. Haavi made a run down the right side into the box before supplying a pass to Valentina Giacinti the pass ended up ricocheting off the foot of the defense. Only propping the ball up in the air as Valentina Giacinti follows through on the header but is denied by the goalkeeper despite the effort. The full time whistle goes as Roma stay perfect making it 9 out of nine in the league with a two one victory over Fiorentina. If Fiorentina test Roma but the champions are the champions for a reason as they fight through and grab all three points as Bernadetta Glionna long range strike seals the points for Roma.

Roma continues to be an unstoppable force in Serie A. As they make it nine wins in a row off the trot. While also extending their unbeaten run to 14 games. We are truly witnessing one of the best teams in the world at the moment. At the end of last season, Roma entered into that conversation now, especially after their performances in the Champions League and the way they have dominated the league. They are certainly a part of it now. Roma has the depth on top of one of the best lineups in Europe. This isn’t some coincidence They are battle tested and have all the materials to have another truly historical season. Over 50 goals already this campaign and they very rarely concede. They may just sit three points in front of Juventus but based on how everything is evolving this campaign, it might as well be nine. Juventus have already lost to Roma this season. They will play each other in all likelihood another three, maybe four times. The additions that Roma has made this summer changed the outlook of the league. Juventus was the only team that stood in a way now No one does. However, even though Roma dominated the vast majority of the match against Fiorentina. The side from Florence made things a bit interesting. In the nine league games Roma has played. The scores have not been level going into the second half until now. A brilliant solo goal by Fiorentina. Turn this into a tight affair down the stretch. Gilonna filled in for Evelyn Viens on Sunday and scored a thunderous strike that ultimately won them the game after Greggi scored an absolute stunner arguably the goal of the season to give Roma the lead initially. The superstars aren’t the ones that took them to the points. As we see, a rising starred and a valuable depth piece come up with the big moments for Roma to keep it alive. Despite how one-sided it seemed that times Fiorentina did put an obstacle in front of them Roma persevered through it, but it’s clear that Fiorentina has been a much stronger side this season and could challenge Juventus for a Champions League spot It’s unlikely but it’s not out of the question. Even though they became just another Roma victim Sunday, they can take some encouragement from their performance. This was the most difficult match Roma have had this campaign in the league. However, it was inevitable that Roma was going to find the moment. Greggi and Gilonna both net as Roma sore as the perfect run only continues to take place. It’s not quite time to discuss the possibility of an unbeaten season, but based on how everything has evolved this campaign. Roma is clearly on a different level of perfection at the moment. Fiorentina tested them but the Romans remain on unfazed as the champions look determined to repeat