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33 Games Unbeaten Run and 97 Points against New Promoted Sides over

Roma went into the game on Sunday afternoon with the best record against newly-promoted sides and the history of Italian football. It may not sound that impressive, but if you look at the last six seasons. You take out last year when they got a draw against Benevento Roma consistently with taking 18 points a season from the newly promoted teams; strangely, it was somewhat of a comforter because each campaign you knew Roma essentially had 18 points secured. For a lot of years, those were essential points that have either been the difference between qualifying for the Champions League and not putting Roma into a higher position than they would have been usually. It’s not like they’re the most challenging games, but the rest of the teams in the league struggle with the newly-promoted side. The last time they lost was six years ago; during the thirty-three-game stretch, 32 of them were victories, including 30 consecutive wins. All of that accumulated to 97 points over that stretch. The game itself last night was Dreadful a sense of frustration and Agony about the circumstances. Still, I don’t want to undercut or undervalue what Roma has been able to do against newly-promoted teams the last six years. They almost seemed like guaranteed points; however, that comfort is no longer to their luxury after losing on Sunday. Going into games like these, it always was a big narrative surrounding that they handle these games because they always do even though they just lost one game. The narrative built around their success against newly-promoted sides evaporated. Venezia was just driving winners even though there were circumstances in which Roma could have turned the tide was going to take something special for this streak to end. Unfortunately, it was stopped in its tracks on Sunday; it wasn’t a performance Roma should be particularly proud of. I’m going to get into all my concerns than issues with the game itself, but I think they wouldn’t do it justice to recognize the incredible run of this streak. To put things in perspective, 18 points in these matches alone is almost enough to confirm survival; obviously, Roma don’t have to deal with this but if other teams that are less talented than Roma a run like this almost guarantees that they’ll continue in the top-flight a lot of teams significantly lower teams around Europe would love to go on a streak like this, so I want to move forward without recognizing how incredible it indeed has been over this stretch Roma have had Claudio Ranieri, Luciano spalletti, Paulo Fonseca, Eusebio di Francesco Ruby Garcia and Jose Mourinho. It abruptly ended last night, and it is incredibly frustrating that it did, but it doesn’t make the 33 games any less impressive over that stretch. They only dropped points in one of the games; outside of that, it was Victory every single time. While the mood is optimistic right now, it’s still worth recognition of what they accomplished.

A Historical Result for Venezia

Venezia was promoted to the Italian Top Flight for the first time in over 20 years. Besides having the best jerseys in the league, there was an indication that they would be fighting for survival regardless of what kind of moves they made in the summer. They haven’t necessarily been Dreadful, but they haven’t been great either they’re not good enough to suggest that they won’t have to deal with relegation this season there’s a possibility that they Survive season. Still, there’s also a possibility that they’ll go down. They did get an excellent win against Fiorentina going into yesterday; there was no reason to believe that this would be the team to knock Roma off their perch, but that’s exactly what they did. It was a beautifully put-together performance high performance the highlighted determination and fought out of a team that just sunk a 33-game unbeaten run against newly-promoted sides. They took the lead in the opening 3 minutes have Mattia Caldara put Venezia in front so early as the upset was brewing from the very beginning. Even though Roma scored twice before the end of the first half somehow someway, they managed to overturn a 2-1 deficit not only to earn a point but to win the game with two goals in the second half. There are significant others because they collected points; they get themselves out of the bottom with a little bit of breathing space. It will only be good for team morale as they will continue to fight. However also historically significant Roma is considered among the big six in Italy While Valencia have little to no history at all returning to the big-league so to speak for the first time in so long not only Gathering points but to beat Roma at home against Jose Mourinho one of the best managers of all time against Lorenzo Pellegrini one of the best midfielders in the world this is a Roma team that will at the very minimum qualify for the Europa League this is a victory that Venezia will hold dear to them it is a match and a result that they will remember forever going up against an Italian football heavyweight not only beating them but coming from behind to beat them is something those fans will remember for a very long time a very special moment for a club has very little history attached to it they should celebrate this like a trophy because they truly deserve it unless something unforeseen happens this is a club that’s not going to be collecting silverware anytime soon so even if it is just one victory to beat Roma is significant enough for celebration.

Dreadful Afternoon: Much Work Still to be Done

Roma did not seem to get it together after the Napoli performance. Roma shut them down; they couldn’t do a thing in the attacking sense; it was one of the best performances of their season even though it was a goalless draw. Ever since then, things have just been off. A problematic victory in Sardinia in which Roma needed to rely on Lorenzo Pellegrini to save them against the team at the bottom of the table, a match that should have gone very smoothly, was an erratic mess. Got played off the park by AC Milan as they got to do whatever they wanted. Didn’t play all that well in the conference League again; the Norwegian League leaders once again faltered against them, and then on Saturday, things went to an all-time low. A game that was set up for them to win, considering our history against a newly-promoted team, it was just a disaster from start to finish. Roma needed performance going into the international break is the polar opposite of what occurred on Sunday. They concede in the opening 3 minutes they get two late goals in the second half; their 2-1 lead evaporate. Venezia came back to win the game. It is a match that could have gone entirely differently. Roma could not convert their chances, and honestly, they don’t have anyone but themselves to blame. I don’t want to take anything away from Venezia getting a historic Victory, but Roma did this to themselves; the opportunities were there to win the game handily. Even after the early goal, they could have wiped the floor with them. Roma registered 24 Shots less than 10 or On Target. They absolutely could not convert in front of goal if they’re able to do so. Roma won this game without difficulty. They could have scored as many as five goals yesterday afternoon; it was an assault on the goal, and they could not convert on it. There are minimal positives to take from this entire experience Tammy Abraham getting on the scoresheet again is very important; it’s only going to do well for his individual confidence, but the team as a whole has their confidence shot. Roma cannot always rely on Lorenzo Pellegrini to save them; as great as he is, he cannot do everything for this team he doesn’t need help occasionally there are games where he can take it over almost Kobe Bryant like football is a team sport he requires his teammates to chip in and help them out and they just have not done that often enough. It is a total chaotic mess right now; they still have the opportunity to make the Champions League this season, but they are having their worst stretch of the year and need something to get themselves out of it. It also highlights the more prominent picture people seem to forget that this team finished seventh last season they only were able to bring a few signings in Mourinho took this job because he’s invested in the project that Roma are building but again, it is a project he wasn’t just going to come in here and take over the team isn’t good enough yet This isn’t a diminished some of the Talent because Roma have a lot of quality players in the squad. Still, the point I’m making is it is not enough. Roma needs an upgrade. Lorenzo Pellegrini is a world e Tammy Abraham and Nicolo zaniolo can do something extraordinary once they get going. Gianluca Mancini and Rodger Ibanez are top-quality center-backs Rui Patricio has a Safe Pair of Hands in goal, but collectively Roma needs a lot. Mourinho understood the conditions of the job when he took it. Still, for some reason, others don’t seem to get that January is going to be important getting Leo spinazzola back Roman needs a new Midfield; I’m not suggesting the market to sell-off. Still, Roma needs some more game changers in their starting XI and More Depth; this is never going to happen overnight Roma are in a really rough stretch right now; there’s no doubt about it but we have to give them time; this was a seventh-place team last year the attack needs to be unlocked, and there are certain things that can be changed right now, but this was always going to take time. Still, undoubtedly Roma are in a very erratic run of form; they need to start picking up points and more regularly. There’s nothing that I can excuse because the performance was Dreadful. After all, had Roma done their job, they would have scored much more frequently entirely different discussion.



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