Union Berlin take advantage as Wolves crumble again #1292

Wolfsburg returned from International break doing battle away from home in Berlin against last season's Dark Horse Union Berlin who have had a quietly productive season yet again this campaign. The Hope was to get their season back on track after two consecutive losses for the wolves. It certainly did not go as planned Wolfsburg was the significantly better team in the first half of the game having some really good chances to put themselves in front. Failing to convert in the first half cost them dearly. In the second half Nigerian attacker Awoniyi kept his hot run of form going giving Union Berlin a 1-0 lead. Unlike the first half Union Berlin was starting to feed off the energy that the crowd was giving them Wolfsburg still had their chances but they had a much more difficult task in the second half in terms of dealing with Union Berlin it seems like an opportunity missed in the first half because in the second Berlin we're the ones that dictating the pace of the game. With about 8 minutes ago Union Berlin got their second as they pull off a 2-0 victory as they put themselves in the Champions League places for the first time this season Will adding gas to the fire as Wolfsburg continue to slide suffering yet another defeat. A reaction is necessary for this Wolves where is it going to come from? And how did it get themselves out of this mess it's unclear but may need to turn this around and they need to do it fast because Wolfsburg continue to slide down the tape.

Mark Van Bommel set up his team out of the usual 4–2–3–1 formation. In goal, as always, would be Konan Casteels. At left-back would be Kevin mbabu, beside him would be the center-back partnership of John Brooks and Sebastian Bornauw, then at right-back would be Jerome Roussillon . The defensive midfielder would be made up of Max Arnold and Joshua guilavogui patrolling the central Midfield; sitting underneath the striker would be Waldschmidt to his left, we would see the ever explosive Philipp, and to his right, lukebakio then upfront as Wolfsburg Central Striker would be Nmecha.

After preparations and predictions the match got underway in Berlin as a Wolfsburg looked to get their season back on track. Wolfsburg looked very strong in the early part of this game after an early chance from Union Berlin Wolfsburg grabbed early momentum. With a very different lineup then usual it was a different look and it seemed to work in the early goings. The Wolves moved the ball swiftly and a good Rhythm about them. A lot of the first half was Wolfsburg getting into the opposing box in trying to do damage. We saw the first real chance of the game in the 23rd minute when Maximilian Philipp attempted to stretch his range from outside the box but his strike hooked to the left. A minute later they came in again with Lucas Nmecha put his foot through a waldschmidt headed past stretching it from Deep but was unable to test the goalkeeper. Just moments later Lukebakio hit the post as he makes a dangerous run into the box and what could have been the opening goal of the game. Union Berlin found ways to get some momentum back but it did seem Wolfsburg have the upper hand for most of the first half. Wolfsburg had a pair of chances at the end of the first down that could have seen the Wolves take the lead but Union Berlin defensively were resistant and continues to keep Wolfsburg at arm's length from attacking standpoint Union Berlin had not done that much in the first half but they were starting to come alive near the end of the opening half being at home in front of their home fans plays into their advantage in the second half time is ticking on Wolfsburg they have been the better team but considering how well they played in the opening half they need to find a breakthrough they were without their best player but Wolfsburg have the material to get themselves in front and put this kid behind them the second half will be very important not only to the game itself to their position in the league and what they'll be able to do this season. Dropping points here would be Criminal Wolfsburg must find a way they were the better team but it was really important that they close the deal and the second half there's going to be a lot of pressure on everyone if they fail to do so they must take their chances.

Wolfsburg had their chances in the first half in the second half the tide of the game shifted. Union Berlin got an early chance at the second half and unlike Wolfsburg they would not waste it. Taiwo Awoniyi found dangerous space in the box and converted to keep his hot start to the season going as Union Berlin took a 1-0 lead in the 48th minute. Now all of a sudden Wolfsburg we're behind making things even more complicated as of now all the momentum was with Berlin. Wolfsburg came close a few minutes later as Roussillon try to stretch it from outside the box coming close but his attempt hooked to the right. Wolfsburg went to the bench bringing on Baku and Wout Weghorst. The Dutchman made it immediate impact but was denied from close range and then again from the six yard box. Union Berlin more or less felt their control and time was taking away on the wolves. Wout Weghorst his head through a Maximilian Arnold cross and then 2 minutes late he did again but on both occasions the goalkeeper was able to deal with it however Union Berlin that killed the game off once and for all in the 82nd minute when Becker converted a header to give Union Berlin a 2-0 lead and victory as Wolfsburg continue to struggle.

What on Earth is it going on with Wolfsburg? It goes from bad to worse has a dropped yet another game as their skid reaches three consecutive losses they have fallen out of the Champions League and seem to only just be hanging on to a European spot. They started the season so well barely conceding any goals and we're winning their games having the best defense in Germany and we're top of the lead through four weeks. They draw against Frankfurt and they seem to have never been the same. Two draws in the Champions League and three straight losses to hoffenheim gladbach and now Union Berlin. Wolfsburg had their chances in this game in the first half the second half was going to potentially make or break their season. Union Berlin that come out aggressive scoring immediately in the second half and they had controlled the game throughout. Wolfsburg still had their chances but they lost all sense of momentum and confidence something that seems to be a serious issue now haven't won a game in over a month there are multiple things you can point at as a reason why. They have a balanced Squad but just not enough attacking personnel handle Germany's best teams. They still have a fantastic defense what the problem is they're now putting too much pressure on them having to perform. They have a great defense with an outstanding goalkeeper which is a rare thing to have but they are now in a situation where they're not seeing enough in the attacking constellation it is disaster hardley score on any goals and as well as they are defending eventually there are those were going to break through the second the defense starts having an off game it gives them a neutrally no chance I'm getting the point they need it is unfair to put all the pressure on the defense to perform when the attacking part of the game is just been nonexistent. In each of these games they have had those chances and are just not converting them. While it is a balanced Squad they didn't spend well enough this summer and we're seeing the end result as they are now suffering the consequences for their actions. Mark Van bommel isn't to blame yet he's putting his team in position they're just not executing however pressure is only going to mount if they can't start picking up the point necessary. Wout weghorst at his best is one of the best strikers in Germany we are not seeing the production that they need from him for the rest of the squad as good as the defense is they can be broken down as we have seen over the last 3 weeks they have a serious problem and the Ambitions of Champions League football next season seems to be crumbling can they fix it? Honestly based on what I've seen over the last month I just don't know if they can. They need inspiring performance in the Champions League this weekend to give them any sense of beliefs the confidence is completely shot now and need something to drag them out of it. Who will that come from? How will that happen? My guess is as good as any.



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