Venezia ends Roma’s Ruthless Run against New Promoted teams as Roma live their own nightmare #1318

Following a severe slump, Roma tries to get themselves out of it after losing AC Milan on the weekend and being unable to secure maximum points in the conference League. Roma will try to get back on track as they traveled to Venezia in hopes of turning things around. Venezia is one of the three newly promoted teams meaning this was a perfect stage for Roma to pick up the points. In their last 33 games against newly-promoted side, they are unbeaten with 32 victories and one draw against Benevento. Over this stretch, they have collected 97 points; this is the most in the history of Italian football; despite how they’re playing, this was going to be an opportunity for them. Venezia going into this match, was near the bottom of the table, understanding that day would be fighting for survival this season. As the international break approaches, Roma is looking to pick up the points; however, that’s easier said than done; history eventually get broken even if it comes at an inopportune time. For 33 games straight against newly-promoted sides, they had handled it; however, on Sunday afternoon, it abruptly ended. Minutes into the match, Caldera scores on a set-piece to give Venezia a shocking 1-0 lead; they could handle themselves pretty well, but eventually, Roma got back into it and quickly into the lead. In the closing moments of the first half, shomurodov and Tammy Abraham both find the back of the net as Roma held a 2-1 lead going into the second half; however, Venezia were ruthless and continued to go for it a penalty allowed them to draw level then they would get themselves at 3rd overturning a 2-1 deficit in the second half to earn a 3-2 victory. Ending Roma’s reign of terror against the newly-promoted sides while also adding more agony to a Roma team that continues to go through a difficult stretch, maybe the international break has come at precisely the right time as Roma has not performed to their standard since the impressive a draw against Napoli something needs to give if they wanted full fill their Champions League Ambitions this season.

After preparations and predictions, the match got underway in Venezia. Roma would go into the game as favorites despite their lack of form over the last couple of results. Slight Squad rotation by Mourinho ahead of the match, but it didn’t seem to make a difference initially as it started as bad as you could have possibly imagined. In just the third minute, coming off a deep free-kick sent into the box, Mattia Caldara got his foot on the end of it into the bottom corner as rui Patricio could only do so much. Venezia takes a shock lead in the game’s opening minutes. Venezia came forward again, really putting some significant pressure on Roma with a beautifully put together counter-attack David Okerke came close from inside, but his strike hooked to the left. Roma-dominated possession, yes, still found themselves in vulnerable positions against them. The game would open up for Roma little by little. Stephan El Shaarawy attempted a deep strike but didn’t have the touch necessary a minute later, Elder shomurodov also tested his range from outside the box, coming much closer as Lorenzo Pellegrini set him up, but that Uzbekistan attacker didn’t quite have it. Venezia had barely any possession,n but they didn’t have chances after Roma had a few stretches in which they were pushing. The hosts pushed a deep strike from outside the box as kiyine was denied by rui Patricio. About 5 minutes away, Tammy Abraham nearly got there with his strike hitting the post in what could have been a great moment for Roma to get their momentum back. Just past the half-hour mark Stephan El Shaarawy was saved from outside, and Lorenzo Pellegrini was denied from close. As we got to the end of the first half, Roma was really pushing for it, but the goalkeeper was making all the right plays as Tammy Abraham, and Lorenzo Pellegrini were both denied. However, very quickly, Roma got precisely what they needed to turn the game around. Shomurodov in the 43rd got Roma an equalizer as he managed to scrape a strike into the bottom corner it would be the first goal of the season for him since his move from Genoa. 4 minutes later, in the closing moments of the first half, Roma got themselves another one as shomurodov supplied a cross inside to Tammy Abraham to power through the defense before tucking the ball into the bottom corner striking at an awkward angle but converts as Roma score a second goal in the final seconds of the first half as Roma took a 2-1 lead it would be the third League goal of the season for Tammy Abraham as the first half came to a close.

Even though Roma scored twice at the end of the first half, it was a horrendous start to the game, and it wasn’t necessarily an outstanding first half from Roma; there was still plenty of work to be done. Bryan cristante kicked off the second half a Roma with a header that went High; then Max kumbulla did the same more or less. Roma continued to try to build on their momentum chances continued to arrive for them. However, at some point, they must convert on them and put them away because the game is still in reach for Venezia. The keeper denied Stephan El Shaarawy shortly after from close range. However, Roma’s failure to convert on their earlier chances seems like it would come back and haunt them in the 64th minute, Roma conceded a penalty Mattia Asaaramu converted as Venezia equalised. Carles Perez would replace Max kumbulla. A minute later, Tammy Abraham from inside the Box tries to get Roma back in front, but the keeper denies him. Not long after, Rick karsdorp came inside the box and was denied, then Tammy Abraham again, who actually played pretty well in the game, Struck from deep, coming close but unable to convert. All those chances Roma had were going to count for nothing in the 74th minute David Okerke came forward on the counter-attack and be truly Patricia to give them a 3-2 lead Nicolo zaniolo entered the game as Roma looked to potentially get themselves at least a point from it. It wasn’t meant to be; in fact, Venezia continue to build on late opportunities, rui Patricio making two saves on Venezia’s attacks. In the 90th minute Thomas Henry hit the bar, nearly giving them a fourth goal any final minute of stoppage time. Gianluca Mancini attempts to get a late equalizer but is unable to as Roma fall to a newly-promoted side for the first time in their last 33 games before today their last defeat to a newly-promoted side was six years ago it ends the greatest form in league history against newly-promoted sides in what was an abysmal performance that nearly could have gone the other for the number of chances. Still, nonetheless, Venezia secures a historic victory, a moment they’ll never forget.

It is increasingly difficult at this point to put this into words another performance highlighted by frustration. Not that long ago, Roma closed down on Napoli at the Stadio Olimpico; it was a truly magnificent performance; since then, they seem to be missing the mark. The concerning thing is when Roma does indeed play poorly; it’s never for the same reason. Against Lazio, it was because of abysmal defending; Cagliari it was lack of support given to Lorenzo Pellegrini against AC Milan; it was because of attack in creativity missing and this afternoon against Venezia it was inability to finish in front of goal. This game easily could have been a route a game that Romo could have scored four to five goals, but they only managed two of them. They throw away a 2-1 lead in the second half, and ultimately they got what they have deserved it. Roma has collected 97 points against newly-promoted sides they had not lost to one in several years; with the international break coming up, this was the perfect opportunity for them to get points, yet they couldn’t handle it. It was disheartening performing a performance that needs further explaining; even though Roma Jose Mourinho brings a winning mentality and attitude to a club that required it’s not going to happen overnight, Mourinho isn’t free of criticism. It’s up to him to energize this team and turn the tide. Roma is a team capable of qualifying for the Champions League; there’s still a lot of time left to the season but they need to do whatever it takes to get out of the situation. Losing to AC Milan or even the Derby against Lazio is understandable but to lose to a team that is trying to survive this season is just utterly unacceptable; something needs to give the performance could have been very different. Roma had their chances big flurry of mistakes allowed the comeback. While they are capable of Champions League football, and that dream is still there, the team isn’t good enough and needs several upgrades. Lorenzo Pellegrini, Gianluca Mancini, Rodger Ibanez rui Patricio Tammy Abraham, and perhaps a few others should stay put; for the most part, it doesn’t necessarily mean Roma has to get rid of half the squad, but ultimate Roma need some significant upgrade starting with the Midfield Roma finished 7th last season Mourinho only was able to bring in a few signings this summer there’s much work to be done. Still, Rome has undoubtedly had to be doing better, and what they have been showing lately, Tammy Abraham found the back of the net again. Hopefully, it will do wonders for his confidence, but this was not a positive performance, mainly because had they finished their chances, they could have won this game. The perception of Roma would be different tomorrow morning. Roma has to identify their mistakes from this and improve on it, so maybe weirdly, the international break happened at precisely the right time; the confidence it’s just at an all-time low.




Serie A and Bundesliga Writer A.S Roma/Wolfsburg Blog:

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Eliot Ben-Ner

Eliot Ben-Ner

Serie A and Bundesliga Writer A.S Roma/Wolfsburg Blog:

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